Picture of Human Body

Bones In The Human Body

Pictures Of Human Body Systems
Pictures Of Human Body Systems

Body Muscles Small
Diagram Human Body Organs
Diagram Human Body Organs

Picture Of Body Organs Small
Photos Of The Human Body
Photos Of The Human Body

Photos Of Human Body Small

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Human Body Parts
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louise says:    

I have a pain on the right side of my back where my lung is what could this be the pain is very sore

faruq says:    

bo xom

faruq says:    


Subanthree says:    

hi i have a pain on my left side breast what can be cause of that im just afraid it could be my heart.

Jeana says:    

I have been having pain on my left side below my rib. Now the pain is flowing the back and thru the head of the left femur. Had two scan. Non detection. I need help.

angela says:    

i have pain in my stomach when i lean over or twist to look around and sometimes down my side when i lift my arm above my head. I do have a hiertas hernia could it have anything to do with this?

Pradeep P Mammen says:    

I have stomach upset in the right side of my stomach. If I release air through mouth I am getting a short relief but again quickly this is occurring. I am not feeling pain but too much disturbing and irritating. I used to smoke as well as alcohol. whether it is because of that or something else?.

joyce rosenbaum says:    

hurting right side almost to me leg.

Krystal says:    

Im having pain on my right side underneath my ribs. It hurts mostly in the morning then it goes aways. Its not a big pain but it bothers alot. Sometimes i cannot bent down because of it. What could it be?

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pat garner says:    


having severe pain in middle back on left side and lower left side diginost as bladder infection but thick is more when i stope to get in car pain is bad

dartania begue says:    


I have pain nearmy spleen in every afternoon

Arafat hossain says:    


it is really a very useful picture for science student.

tae says:    


yea i like men

Jihaid one22 says:    


i like goats

Vikash kumar says:    


Good human photo

Vikas kumar says:    



Delores Rangle says:    


I would like to order a book or books on hunmen bloodys.where can I order them?

Ashley says:    


we are ten older sisters that like cross things like this and our eight younger sisters don't like this and we do!

yea says:    



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