Picture of Human Body

Body Organs

Pictures Of Human Body Systems
Pictures Of Human Body Systems

Body Muscles Small
Human Body Organs
Human Body Organs

Human Body Parts Small
Photos Of The Human Body
Photos Of The Human Body

Photos Of Human Body Small

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Picture Of Body Organs
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gayle wilson says:    

hi havin same probz. gonna c liver transplant doc at end ov month. just to c if i can start interferon or if liver wont b able to take it. luv gaylexx

ken nietfeld says:    

I'am having pain on my left side below the rib area

eileen roberson says:    

Having pain on my right side,

Rajesh Singh says:    

I am having pain on my left side, almost underneath my ribs. It comes and goes but occurs almost daily what could be the rason

shirley farmer says:    

What is the purpose of a spleen?

Kayla says:    

I am having stabbing pain on my left side, right underneath my ribs. It comes and goes but occurs almost daily. It gets worse when I take deep breaths. What could this be?

Joann Policastro says:    

I also have pain in my left side, just under my rib cage. This happens many times a day. My front and back hurts in this area. It's be going on for many months and is getting worst. Do you have any thoughts on this ? Thank you, Joann Policastro

emmanuel says:    

i normal have a sudden pain in my rib at a particular time and want to know the problem?

kudirat showa anuoluwapo says:    

Iav pains under my waist both left and right,tell me what is happening to me,my urine is yellow

ken says:    

Have pain on the left side below ribs.Notice it more at night while lying down. Just the last few days

roslyn says:    

I only have a pain on my left side below my rib after I have lay down on my right side for a min. or two.i need to know what is that .

Ellen Sprepski says:    

THANK YOU for your pictures of the human body! I have been trying to pinpoint a particular pain that I have been having. Thanks to your pictures, I can explain my problem better to my doctor.

Ellen Sprepski says:    

Please suggest to Pradeep P Mammen that he have his colon checked. I had his same symptoms and, after emergency surgery, learned that some old scar tissue had been wrapping around my small intestine until it nearly totally cut off my blood supply. My surgeon said that this is happening more and more often. Hope that this isn't the cause but if so, get to a doctor!!

iresh says:    

plz unsaon pag pa nprint

winnielyn gadista says:    

thank you" are you sure that all of the people on earth have this human body?

mhomay mhyra mongcada says:    

are you sure that all of the people on earth have this human body""""""""""_ thank you

Willie Barbee says:    

i have a dull pain in my right ribs cage i am thinking my liver it only hurt when i have couple glasses of wine

melissa willard says:    


melissa willard says:    

Everyone needs to have perfect hands, feet, arms, legs, and the rest of our parts always in heaven, except the evil colon.

Gilly carter says:    

Hi I have a stinging pain on my left side,just left under my ribs towards my back and aches.any suggestions why? Kind regards Gilly

Pat says:    

Just to the right of my belly button is enlarged compared to the left side. Looks like where the ascending colin might be. What could this be?

Ashley says:    

we are ten older sisters that like cross things like this and our eight younger sisters don't like this and we do!

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Arafat hossain says:    


it is really a very useful picture for science student.

tae says:    


yea i like men

Jihaid one22 says:    


i like goats

Vikash kumar says:    


Good human photo

Vikas kumar says:    



Delores Rangle says:    


I would like to order a book or books on hunmen bloodys.where can I order them?

Ashley says:    


we are ten older sisters that like cross things like this and our eight younger sisters don't like this and we do!

yea says:    



tae says:    


tae tae

krushna says:    



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