Picture of Human Body

Human Body Pictures Of Organs

Human Body Muscles Diagram
Human Body Muscles Diagram

Organs Of The Human Body Small
Anatomy Of The Human Body
Anatomy Of The Human Body

Human Body Picture Small
Photo Of Human Body
Photo Of Human Body

Human Heart Small

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Anatomy Of The Human Body Organs
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Unknown says:    

That is truly aweful and it's a disgrace to all pictures of the human body!!! -_-

unavailable says:    

This is a shitty picture! I hate all acientists, they smell of shit!

madhavi says:    

best knowledge can be earned here

anson says:    


Tom says:    

I thought the appendix was on the other side? arf arf

lyle jhoyce sauro says:    

are you sure that this is the picture of human body becouze that is very cool someday that is my body after death ?

rheylinda gadista says:    

that is truly aweful and its a disgrace to all pictures of the human body:_:

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Comments on pictureofhumanbody.com

autumn says:    


this a awsome site

autumn says:    


this very insterining it tell you about lungs,brain,heart,liver,vansand all kind of cool stuff thank you for putting up this site learn about human body is awsome

roslyn says:    


I only have a pain on my left side below my rib after I have lay down on my right side for a min. or two.i need to know what is that .

nitin garde says:    


mai eakedrags addede hu mai corecx pitahu mai chahatahu ki meri picture ko lode kardu or appus ki x rea picture muje dikha de

Ellen Sprepski says:    


Please suggest to Pradeep P Mammen that he have his colon checked. I had his same symptoms and, after emergency surgery, learned that some old scar tissue had been wrapping around my small intestine until it nearly totally cut off my blood supply. My surgeon said that this is happening more and more often. Hope that this isn't the cause but if so, get to a doctor!!

Ellen Sprepski says:    


THANK YOU for your pictures of the human body! I have been trying to pinpoint a particular pain that I have been having. Thanks to your pictures, I can explain my problem better to my doctor.

angela says:    


i have pain in my stomach when i lean over or twist to look around and sometimes down my side when i lift my arm above my head. I do have a hiertas hernia could it have anything to do with this?

iresh says:    


plz unsaon pag pa nprint

Pradeep P Mammen says:    


I have stomach upset in the right side of my stomach. If I release air through mouth I am getting a short relief but again quickly this is occurring. I am not feeling pain but too much disturbing and irritating. I used to smoke as well as alcohol. whether it is because of that or something else?.

prince says:    


body massals

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